Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Experience With CreateSpace

     So far, I have no complains with CreateSpace. Everything went on smoothly from the time I acquired my ISBN to the time that I sent for my final copy. 
     What I like most about working with CreateSpace is that I can call them even in the wee hours of the morning. It would drive me crazy if I have a question and I have to wait for the next day to get my answer. 
     I haven't experience any long waits or delays. Within 24 hours, my submitted work was approved. After 8 business days, I received the proof copy. 

     It arrived in perfect condition. I love that CreateSpace makes glossy covers and high quality paper for the pages. The colors of every page are vibrant. One thing I can only wish for is that the company would offer hardcovers. I guess it's too expensive to make one.
     Of course, I was over the moon when I opened the package. There was nothing like actually touching, smelling, seeing my dream right in front of me. Oh, I loved the sound when I flip the pages. I feel so blessed and grateful for the fruition of all my hard work. 
     Now, I'm waiting for the first 35 copies that I ordered which is arriving on Thursday. It' great to know that there's a way of tracking it through my CreateSpace account.

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