Sunday, August 24, 2014

"The Magic Paintbrush" Featured in August Blog Splash

    In August 6, 2012, The Magic Paintbrush was featured on Kathy Uyen Nguyen's August Blog Splash, a talent showcase of poets, artists, writers/authors from different walks of life. 
    Here is what she wrote: 

    This heart-warming children's story is definitely a bedtime, nap time, or reading time story that keeps the joy of art and heart going until the next day.  The reader is immersed in Alexa's colorful world and her adventurous encounter with a magical paintbrush.  Interestingly, this magic paintbrush grants more wishes than a genie or djinn can, which would delight the child in all of us.  Just like any children's story, there are also morals and lessons to be learned. Villa captures what a true artist (in the general sense that does include poets, writers, musicians, etc.) should really be at heart through the eyes of the young protagonist, Alexa.  Villa's writing style is concise and lighthearted, but at the same time, simply honest and at times, poetic.  

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