Monday, August 25, 2014

Writing Projects for This Year

     Since I've already updated you with all my published works for the past two years and a half, now I'm going to share with your my writing projects for this year. From 2011, I've been more focused on short form poetry such as haiku and tanka. I'm still going to keep on writing and submitting them for publication, but this year, I'll make sure that I find time to pursue what I've already started which is writing for children.

So here were the goals that I listed down in January 2014:

1) A new improved version of The Eskalets -  In 2008, I wrote a children's story in dvd format. This was inspired by the photos and video clips that I took of the six American robins by my window's apartment in 2007. To improve this dvd, I have to 
   a. improve the quality of the photos (taken from a Canon camera with only 4 megapix) by using digital art
   b. find a way to minimize the shakes in my video clips
   c. find a musician who would do the music background

2) The Magic Paintbrush as a picture book or easy reader book
   a. find an illustrator
   b. revised it to make it appropriate for a book with illustrations
   c. find an editor to check typos, grammatical errors, etc.

3) Update this blog
4) Set up a new website to promote myself as a children's book author
5) Research on whether to self-publish or not to self-publish

I need to add this one:
6) Non-children's journal - to put up the very first haiga (haiku and art) journal that I've been dreaming about for some time. 

     Do you think I'm expecting too much of myself this year? Wait till you read my next posts and find out if I've achieved at least half of my goals. :-)

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