Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's New?

     I'm sure at least one of you who has taken a peek at my blog has been wondering whatever happened to my article. What happened to me??? I just disappeared into thin air.
     I actually have wonderful news! Tons of good news. Before I start, I'd like to announce that I'm back for good. I know. I hear you. You think you've heard that a million times from me. Hey, I have a very good reason for not having the time to write any updates. In case you haven't known, my husband was battling brain cancer in the middle of 2012. Since he passed away last April 2013, I've been trying to pick up the pieces. So be patient with me. :-) Slowly, I will let you catch up on the latest news. 
     Let me start with the article that I mentioned about a long time ago. 2 years and 6 months ago to be exact. So did I hear from them again? YES, I did! Now I can feel confident divulging what I've been wanting to say for a long time.

     Title of the non-fiction article: Hero of the Tarsiers
     Target Magazine: Highlights for Children

     Remember the photo I posted of that creature with enormous eyes and batlike ears? It's called tarsier (Tar-see-er). The focus of my article is not on the tarsiers but on Carlito Pizarras’ growing fascination and dedication to them, which made him become recognized locally and internationally as their number one protector.  
     I think it will be clearer to list down chronologically all the steps I went through until it was finally published in Highlights for Children. Yes, you heard it right! My very first attempt was a huge success. :-) Let me back up from the very beginning so you can imagine how long it took before my article was published. This will give you an idea how much time elapsed from the day of submission to that glorious day when I could actually touch and smell the published pages of my article. 
1) first week of February, 2011 - I mailed my manuscript to Highlights.
2) before the end of February, 2011 - I received this cute postcard.

3) June 13, 2012- Andy Boyles, science editor of Highlights, wrote me an email telling me that he had reviewed my manuscript and that he had recommended it for publication. 
4) January 16, 2013 - Christine French Cully, editor-in-chief of Highlights, sent me an acceptance letter and a contract to sign. I mailed the contract as soon as possible.
5) 2nd week of February, 2013 - I received my check of $200. 
6) July 31, 2013 - Eleni Palis, editorial intern of H., asked for my assistance to contact Joannie Cabillo of the Tarsier Foundation in the Philippines to follow up the photo release forms.
7) August 6, 2013 - Eleni Palis emailed me again to do what I can to expedite the photo rights process. She also mentioned that the target date of publication will be in March 2014.
8) August 13, 2013 - Betty Mosher, who was writing for Judy Burke, officially announced the publication in March 2014. She sent me the edited version for review.
9) September 4, 2013 - Andy Boyle wrote to ask clarify something about the article as they are in the late stages of editing. 
10) 1st week of April 2014 - I received this Thank You card and of course, two complimentary copies.

10) March 2014 - The appearance of Hero of the Tarsiers in this month's issue of  Highlights of Children.

     I was tickled to death to see my work appearing in this prestigious magazine. By the time it was out, I rushed to Barnes and Nobles bookstore to witness a stack of them displayed on the shelf. I bought a couple of magazines and even kept the receipt. 
     Highlights gave me two copies to send to the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. I was thrilled to post on their Facebook page that I was sending them their copies. 
     After a couple of weeks, I decided to call Highlights to order a dozen copies. I was so excited to give it away to relatives and friends. 
     To sum it all up, it took more than 3 years before it was published. Anything that takes that long is surely worth the wait! Do you agree?

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